House Rules

General House Rules

Minimum age of primary renter: 25

(if under 25 a minimum of $1000 deposit required)

Check in after: 400 PM

Check out before: 10:00 AM

Children Allowed

No Smoking/Vaping

No Events

Pets Allowed


The owner of this house works hard to maintain it and uses it as a second home. The owner rents it to guests to help maintain the property. Please use common sense and common courtesy when you are our guest. Violation of any of these rules could subject your entire party to immediate eviction without refund and loss of your security damage deposit.

  1. Due to Florida Law, any fences on the property must remain erect and closed at all times. Any and all gates must be closed when an adult over the age of 21 is not present.
  2. DO NOT JUMP OFF THE ROOF OF THE HOUSE FOR ANY REASON. It is illegal and the police will be called. Do not ascend to the roof for any reason. If you require assistance with the exterior of the property call.
  3. No lifeguard on duty at private homes. Any swimming is strictly at your own risk.
  4. If this home has a pool and/or pool heater, do not adjust controls on pool or heater. If you have a problem with the pool please call the owner at the numbers provided. There is a noise ordinance in effect after 10 pm and before 7 am.
  5. Please be a good neighbor and keep noise down at all times. Many neighbors work and live here permanently. If the neighbors call the police to the house due to a violation of any law or ordinance, YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE IMMEDIATELY WITHOUT A REFUND. Sounds further than 100 feet from the property are prohibited by law between the hours of 10 pm and 8 am.
  6. Pool use must cease after 10 pm.
  7. All guests are required to rinse off sand before getting into the pool, if this house has one to avoid damage to the pool pump. If damage occurs to any pool part due to excessive sand, you may be held responsible.
  8. Clean up and dispose of all waste as instructed. Smoking of any substance is strictly prohibited inside the property. Smoking inside will result in a loss of the entire security damage deposit.
  9. Tampering with phone, cable or any utility services or electrical devices which restrict access to services which are not included or regulated in or by your agreement will result in the loss of your security deposit.
  10. No events at the property at anytime unless agreed with the owner ahead of time
  11. The pool cleaner comes twice a week and must keep the pool cleaned for current and future guests. Please do not tell the pool cleaner to leave
  12. Participation by any member of your party in unlawful activity will result in immediate eviction without refund, including but not limited to: disturbing the peace, illegal drug use or under-age drinking. Evidence of violation to this rule will be handled by the proper authorities.
  13. Guests agree to lock doors/windows and have blinds drawn upon departure or when they are absent from property and when checking out.

Check-Out Instructions

Thank you for staying at our Airbnb!

We have a few things we ask you to do:

  1. When you leave, lock the door
  2. The checkout time is at 10 AM.(We need time to get the house ready for our next guests, so please be considerate!)
  3.  Check under the bed for any belongings you might have left behind,.
  4. Turn off all the lights and the AC to 78.
  5.  Please leave towels in the bathtub or by the washer and dryer
  6.  Please empty the fridge and put the garbage out
  7. Put all the dishes in the dishwasher and turn it on

Have a great time at your next destination! If you enjoyed staying here, please leave a review. If there were any problems, or you have any suggestions, email me and let me know how I can improve.

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